Steamulation lab provides a premium innovative STEAM and operational excellence education by cultivating curiosity and engagement of students in STEAM workshops, courses and experimental learning.

Children can learn their knowledge to peruse STEAM careers in future or continue their education in STEAM based subjects in university. STEAM and Excellence thinking are designed to equip children with problem solving, leadership and organizational skills in their future lives.


My name is Tina and I am founder of Steamulation Lab. I am a scientist, engineer, educator and advocate of education with experience in pharma, polymers, engineering design, leadership and academia for more than 15 years and I was awarded several times as a best of the best leader globally. I found young learners curiosity is fascinating and reminds me my childhood which eventually led me to start Steamulation Lab. I am also a mom and my best moments are those spent with my kids doing science experiments or designing something. 

Steamulation Lab is designed to provide fully hands on science and engineering enrichment programs in a project based environment and our mission is to release future ready leaders!

Our goal is to equip children with essential skills that they need for their daily life such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, team work and organizational skills. These skills are the building blocks of their future life. Other benefits of this program is to teach children leadership, project management and organizational skills in a team based project.

Since, research shows that what happens outside of school can be equally as important as what happens in school to cultivate a child’s direction and activate his or her interest in STEAM. 

My last word is: Science & Engineering are art and I love to encourage girls to peruse these fields in the future!

Tina Dolatzadeh

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If you are passion about STEM education then you can inspire young learners in our community to be our future STEM innovators and leaders. Then we love to hear from you and we help you to achive your goal!

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